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RIWAYAT INTERNATIONAL Pakistani registration that offers call centre and advertising services to businesses in the United States that are associated with broadband providers. We are Affiliated partners with Sandler Partners, but we also send them leads for broadband services. However, Sandler Partners LLC and Riwayat International are channel partners. Sandler Partners LLC is also the key partner of more than 200+ US-based broadband providers

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Internet Services Providers

You can compare cable internet providers with fiber, DSL, and satellite providers in your area. You can even find out which providers in your area offer to bundle TV and internet service. It helps you identify potential savings since almost all companies that offer both services offer bundling discounts. Internet speeds can go up to 1000 MBs.

Starts from 69.99/month
TV cable service providers

You can choose the best TV provider for you by consulting the experts available to you. We have analyzed the best TV packages and providers from across the US. You probably only have two or three TV providers to choose from in your area. Be sure to check out . what packages they are offering before signing up. Our sales representatives will help you choose the right one.

Starts from $19.99/month
Home Phone & Wireless Services

You can switch to a new mobile carrier with promotional packages or get a home phone line. Depending on your usage and needs, our experts can explain the plans and features offered by all the carrier networks. You can save money by bundling your home phone service with your cable and internet services.

Bundle up your home phone to your TV and internet service providers to save.

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